The Importance of your Relationship with God

Who is God? Does God exist? If he exists where does He live? These are among the questions which linger in our minds daily. God exists and is a supernatural being. Like a father treats his child, God is there for us all. Unlike us humans, who communicate physically to each other, He is one prayer away. God is omnipotent and omniscient- knows of our every need and want before we utter to Him. The relationship between God, the creator of the universe and man is incomparable.

Many people would prefer to be recognized with senior government officials, heads of states and the rich to the ‘minority’ in the community. Imagine of yourself being recognized as the obedient son of God. How would you feel? Your relationship with God is more important than any other relationships.

Relationship with God

To start a relationship with God does not require one to pay a price. God paid the ultimate price by letting his only son die on the cross. (John 3:16)God is love. The only obligation we are left with is to obey his commandments and live according to his will.

Determines our fate after death:

There is life after death. (John 3) Once a person dies his /her spirit goes either to heaven or hell. The spirit of the righteous goes to heaven while the one of the sinners goes to hell. Every time you repent your sins, your relationship with God is renewed. Do the sinners have a relationship with God? Yeah. The sinners have a bad relationship with God but, God’s love is unconditional. He waits for you to repent and accept him so that you can dwell with him in eternity.

The relationship with God assures one with a happy life in eternity-Matthew 16:26 .It is useless for one to have the earthly riches but, miss the eternal life. Starting a relationship with God is simple. One requires to focus on eternal life and obey God’s will (Matthew 19:21) 

Relationship with God rejuvenates well-being:

God has his set guidelines and commandments one should obey (see Exodus 20).Good relationship with God entails one obeying the laws and commandments. Like other relationships, the people who we associate with influence our behavior. (See 1 Corinthians 15:33 and proverbs 6). 

Shapes our future positively:

God has good and prosperous plans for all people. One being in a relationship with God creates an assurance of a successful life. (Jeremiah 11:29 and Psalms 57:2)Life without God is clueless. God is life and has the true meaning and purpose of our life.

Relationship with God abolishes all worries and anxieties:

Anxiety and worries cause adverse effects on one’s life. God promises to eradicate anxieties and worries. (Matthew 6:31, 34 and 25) This is the greatest hope for a Christian.

Start your relationship with God today to enjoy unlimited benefits!