What does the Bible Say about Women?

Women have a come a long way over the past 100 years. While they have made great strides in terms of their position within society, they still must struggle to find social acceptance and meaning in some areas of life. This is especially true for women who reside in western society. The Bible greatly influences how western people think of women in general. The following information will explain how this great religious book impacts the lives of women in the modern world.


A Brief Biblical Overview of Women:

According to the Bible, women are to be treated with love and dignity. Even though this is the case, God’s word states that women are underneath men in terms of authority. Many modern women struggle with this biblical concept of women. However, God structured his chain of authority in this way to ensure the protection of the women. Here are some other major themes in the Bible concerning women:

  1. They are to respect men.
  2. They should have an inner beauty that transcends their outer appearance.
  3. They should focus on caring for their families.
  4. If they do work, they should primarily do so in support of their loved ones.
  5. Women are to be chase and pure.
  6. Whoredom and free sexuality is not permitted for women.
Women must Respect Men:

The book of Ephesians is important in terms of defining a woman’s position within the world. Ephesians 5:22 – 24 clearly explains that a married woman’s responsibility is to submit to her husband. Men are to be subject to Christ and women are to be subject to their husband. Generally speaking, unmarried women are to be subject to men within society.

That does not mean they have to listen to and follow after men who they are not married to. However, it does mean that men have a greater role and responsibility than women in terms of work, protection and helping society to stay intact.

Inner Beauty over Outer Beauty:

Females are commanded in 1 Peter 3: 3 – 4 about possessing an inner beauty that is more important to God than their outer appearance. God is not telling women that their beauty does not count. However, he knows that beauty fades (Proverbs 31:30) and he wants a woman to have something good left to give her husband and family – once it does go away. Also, the bible wants women to realize that there is more to life than just their good looks.

Women, Work and Family:

Women can work. Take a look at Proverbs 30. However, the work that a woman should do must enhance her home and the proceeds must help others. Modern day women do work for these reasons. These women also work for personal achievement and gain. This could harm their desire and ability to care for their home.

By the way, God does not want women to be busybodies (read all of 1 Timothy 5:15 in context). Once again, he wants them to focus on caring for their families and doing good deeds.

Women and Sexuality:

It is fair to say that modern women are extremely sexual. Even though this the case, the Bible clearly states in various passages and verses that women are to be chaste and pure. They should not be whores or loose with their sexuality. This is truly a very challenging expectation from God. Many women turn to their sexuality to express their desire for freedom and self-fulfillment. The Bible says that this is the wrong approach for a woman to take with their self-identity.

Ultimately, God’s word honors women but it also defines her as the weaker sex. Women have to accept this construct as a part of God’s plan. It is necessary for her to understand her role in life so that she can find true meaning within her existence.